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Audrey, every day I for sure eat the 5 NS items plus banana in shake.Thanks to the author of this website for allowing me to add my story to the collection here.I honestly have about 100 lbs to lose, and part of why I decided to sign up is this site, because you were so honest about everything.Being pretty overweight and over 60, I decided to try Nutrisystem silver plan starting in May.I have never been one to eat fried foods or real fatty foods, so now that is cut down to near zero I should be losing more than 1 pound.My weight dropped by 20 pounds over two months on the diet and in that time I got used to eating smaller meals and just carried that on when I went back to regular food.There may not be much you can do directly about arthritis and the depression is a by-product of that and the weight gain, so targeting the weight is actually the easiest of the three.I have only one complaint and that is the one negative thing that happened recently where I was put on automatic delivery, which I never wanted and told the salesman up front we would only want this for one month.I have been on Nutrisystem for over 4 months and have lost 45 pounds.

Thanks to your review, I have decided to try Nutrisystem, and am expecting my first shipment this week.The very first thing I have noticed even before any significant weight loss was the disappearance of acanthosis nigricans.What often happens is if the weight gain was slow, the best way to lose it is gradually rather than try and get it all off fast.Please if anyone has it or knows how I can find this, send me an email.It has worked for me, but I have also been very strict about sticking to the program.Please show us you have done all you can and have some real results before writing a complaint.There is a really big selection of different meals, far too many to cover in this single review.NS compiles their dishes to be low GI overall, even with the pasta.I have to agree with just about all of it, seen as I must be a textbook case looking at this.

I was quite amazed that you could eat such nice desserts and still be on a diet.

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So my advice to anyone thinking about Nutrisystem as a diet to lose weight is that you can do it.It was a really great read and has definitely helped me to understand what this diet is all about.I needed to lose 80 lbs and the first 20 lbs came off quickly.Good luck to all no matter how you choose to lose weight. God Speed.Well the silver plan i tried three months ago worked pretty well for me.I knew what I was getting into and I got pretty much what I expected.

I will not be reordering and certainly would not recommend the program for anyone who does not have a large amount of weight to lose.This taught me that I had been overeating for way too many years and had become the norm.You can easily counter any increase in calories by getting some exercise and being sure to stick to the diet the rest of the time.Comments are queued for moderation to prevent spam so they will not appear right away.Consequently I never put any weight back on after the diet cause I was careful what I ate and I took a friends advice and started swimming four days a week.

On the flip side, losing weight is about making sacrifices and it all depends on how determined you are to lose those 40 pounds.Anyway, everyone has their way and whatever works for you is great.I know that I also do not do as much exercize as I should be doing, BUT I still should be loosing more weight.I fell into eating fast food all the time and weighed 225-230lbs at my worst peak.Star ratings reflect scores of 1 to 5 assigned to Nutrisystem in seven categories by nutritionists, specialists in diabetes and heart disease, and other diet experts.

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Debbie, your comment is rather dramatic and unnecessarily negative.

I have to admit that I felt hungry for a bout the first 5 days.and then I had to remind myself to eat.Anyway, my point is, the system has been wonderful so far and I can easily see myself sticking with it until I reach my goal.I have not cheated, have enjoyed the food, followed the plan, and attend Jazzercise classes 4 times per week and walk daily, weather permitting.Hi Regina, you snacked on potato chips and you still lost 6lbs.

It also provides you with a one-on-one weight loss coaching service devoted to helping you through those first few days on program.Also, although according to every single weight loss chart I am within my weight category, but I would like to lose about 15 lbs to be where I would like to be.My personal feelings are that you should not reduce nutrition to lose weight, but if anything to enhance it while combining a good quality diet with regular albeit light exercise to suit yourself and your personal circumstances.I have an autoimmune thyroid disease which I am treated for and weight loss is nearly impossible.However, I do have hypothyroidism, which I thought may be contributing to my inability to lose the desired weight.While he is an affiliate of Nutrisystem, this review is comprised of his own personal views, opinions and professional observations, written honestly and objectively as possible.


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